$11,000 Toilet From Japan Practically Poops For You

$11,000 Toilet From Japan Practically Poops For You$11,000 Toilet From Japan Practically Poops For You
A Japanese company is set to release a futuristic toilet in the United States that literally does everything to take care of “business” for its users.
Unveiled at this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show in January, the Neorest NX2, created by Japanese toilet manufacturer Toto, is a major upgrade from your regular toilet.
Walk towards it and it is smart enough to open its lid, walk away and it automatically closes.
The high-tech toilet features a built-in deodorizer, an instantly heated seat and an aerated water cleanse that can rinse its users when they have finished.
The built-in air dryer that blows after rinsing also negates the need for toilet paper.
Neorest NX2 is also able to get rid of any residue that may have stuck to the bowl with its proprietary ionized eWater+ and ultraviolet light technology called Actilight.
This technological marvel was launched in Japan back in August and then in a few Asian countries. In the U.S., Neorest NX2 is expected to be available in the third quarter of 2018 for a cool $11,000.
Images via Toto website
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