TOTO’s New High-Tech Bathrooms Will Make Your Toilet Look Like Crap

TOTO’s New High-Tech Bathrooms Will Make Your Toilet Look Like CrapTOTO’s New High-Tech Bathrooms Will Make Your Toilet Look Like Crap
Toilet manufacturer TOTO, known for their Japanese innovation and toilets of the future, is offering a unique bathroom experience at their Concept 190 Showroom.
Famous for their luxurious washlets, one of TOTO’s most popular products are latrines with a built in bidet, heated seats, music, and dryer to maximize tush cleanliness and comfort. These already unordinary smart toilets come with a remote control to toggle where and how intense the water grazes your private parts. Popular restaurants such as Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ have already become enamored with the machine, making it a point to stock these mighty toilets across their many locations.
via FaceBook / TOTO Gallery, Los Angeles
On par with their mission to provide people-first innovation with cutting-edge lavatory engineering, Toto has reinvented product demonstrations with a rare interactive toilet experience, featuring sounds, visuals, and a hologram of their mascot, Shizu-kun.
via FaceBook / TOTO Washlet San Francisco
In their San Francisco showroom sits many demonstration bathrooms with Toto Washlets facing large white walls and idyllic imagery emitted from a projector. There also stands a tall, slender wooden box with a glass screen and speakers. When the demo begins, beautiful scenery spills onto the walls while you sit in your seat for the ride– the toilet seat. Shizu-kun, a hologram of a personified water drop, eagerly greets you from the wooden stand with his boyish voice and clumsy actions.  
via FaceBook / TOTO Gallery, Los Angeles
With cinematic precision, Shizu-kun guides you on a virtual journey. The show spans several different locations and images from a giant roll of toilet paper bouncing as it hits the ground to the beautiful floral coast of California. The adventure ends to a splash of water in sync with the bidet as it squirts your backside in which even Shizu-kun lets out in surprise: “Oh!”
via Yelp / Joyce L.
Next to the toilet is a large red emergency stop button in the event is the experience is too frightening to watch in its entirety. When you’ve returned to reality, you’ll find a selfie camera outside of the bathroom so you can take Boomerang style videos with restroom themed backgrounds.
via FaceBook / TOTO Gallery, Los Angeles
It’s not every day that a company puts so much theatrics into your bathroom experience. Check out the TOTO Showroom locations to see if they offer this uncommon demo near you!
Feature image via FaceBook / TOTO Gallery, Los Angeles
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