Beijing couple discover they’ve been drinking toilet water for half a year

Beijing couple discover they’ve been drinking toilet water for half a year
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Mr. Tan and his girlfriend are now seeking compensation for adverse health effects they allegedly experienced

November 30, 2023
A Beijing couple had the shock of their lives after realizing that they have been drinking toilet water for six months in their rented apartment.
Strange occurrences: The couple, identified only by local reports as Mr. Tan and his girlfriend, moved into the Beijing apartment in May. They reportedly pay 10,000 yuan ($1,411) rent per month.
Tan said he eventually experienced hair loss and acne, while his girlfriend suffered chest pains and a persistent cough. After six months, they noticed that their water bills stopped coming although their water supply continued.

The discovery: Tan conducted water meter tests but noticed no movement even when water was being used in the apartment. Determined to put the mystery to rest, the couple sought professional help and called a plumber.
Upon investigation, the plumber found an extra pipe connecting the toilet and tap water pipes. They then realized that they had been using toilet water for drinking, bathing and cooking for half a year.
Seeking compensation: While the plumber promptly fixed the pipes, the couple says they have already experienced adverse health effects. They are reportedly seeking monetary damages from the rental firm.
In a statement, the rental company emphasized offering residents a choice between drinking water and well water for non-consumable purposes. They contend that the well water passed quality tests in March but is still only suited for flushing toilets.
The couple, however, disputes being informed of this choice and hopes for compensation if they can prove their unknowing consumption of toilet water. Negotiations with the rental company are reportedly ongoing.
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