This Japanese Toilet Paper Holder is an Absolute Game Changer

Removing empty rolls from conventional toilet paper holders can take time, but this one from Japan sure knows how to speed things up.
The innovative gadget was posted on the internet as a gif and has been viewed more than four million times since last September.
“You just made me realize how much I would prefer a toilet instead of a driver’s seat. My life would be so much more efficient,” a Reddit user wrote.
Another shared, “I’ve been in Japan for 6 weeks now. I’ve seen so many amazingly practical and innovative inventions. But most restaurants/small shops still only take cash. It boggles the mind.”
Yet another claimed that such holders have been in existence for some time, “These things have existed for a very long time (I remember using these as a kid and it was already cruddy aged plastic back then). They aren’t installed in public toilets because they aren’t secure and can be easily damaged, and went quickly out of fashion residentially because they are more hassle when they don’t work properly…”
The device works its magic thanks to two prongs that go up while replacing a roll and back to secure it in place. Such holder is common in Japan, but a similar mechanism is found in the EZ-Load Toilet Paper Holder, available to install for less than $15.
Japan’s toilet paper holder is only one of its brilliant toilet technology ideas. In the past, netizens buzzed about its toilet seats that spray water up your butt, adjust water pressure and temperature and play music, among other features. True enough, the country has been the world’s envy when it comes to luxurious pooping.
Japan takes its business seriously, and the progress of electronic bidet seats is tracked by the government, New York Times noted. As told by the outlet, the country considers it as one of the basic measures of national prosperity.
Whether Japan’s toilet paper holder is a thing of the past or present does not really matter. The design is remarkable, and the way it makes life easier is more than enough.
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