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South Korean Man Sends 125 Pizzas to Middle School to Thank Students Who Found His Wallet

An entire middle school in South Korea was recently treated to a ridiculous amount of pizza as a reward for a kind act by two of its students.

Kang Tae Won and Han Woong, both students of Seogwipo Middle School in Jeju Island, found a wallet on the street on January 30, AllKPop reports. The middle schoolers were going back home from tutoring when they came across the wallet containing around 300,000 Korean Won ($251) in cash.

Why Koreans Eat Pickles With Their Pizza

For many Koreans, pizza is best served with pickles. The trend seems especially true among those much closer to Western cuisine — Korean Americans, for example — yet prefer a hint of something “familiar.”

Pizza originated in Italy, and while there’s no rule telling what comes with it, many are puzzled why Koreans find pickles, of all possible choices, the perfect fit. Conventional side dishes include salad, garlic bread, cheese fries, mozzarella sticks and Buffalo wings, none of which obviously seems to match with pickles.

Man Awarded $2400 After Suing Pizza Hut For ‘Excessively Hard Croutons’

Remember when that one woman was initially awarded $2.9 million after suing McDonald’s over their coffee being too hot? A suit decided against Pizza Hut last week joins the legacy.

A Roane County, Tennessee judge awarded Everett Chatman $2,400, interest and court costs last Friday for the damages in his case against Pizza Hut, which claimed that the pizza restaurant served too-crunchy croutons.