Twitter post about restaurant’s mathematical pizza miscalculation goes mega-viral

Twitter post about restaurant’s mathematical pizza miscalculation goes mega-viralTwitter post about restaurant’s mathematical pizza miscalculation goes mega-viral
Michelle De Pacina
July 4, 2022
A Twitter thread explaining how two 5-inch pizzas are not greater than or equal to a 9-inch pizza order went viral last week.  
Twitter user @cretiredroy informed the internet to take math seriously in his tweets on Wednesday about the pizzas.
“I ordered a 9-inch Pizza,” the user from India wrote. “After a while, the waiter brought two 5-inch pizzas and said, the 9-inch pizza was not available and he was giving me two 5-inch pizzas instead, and that I am getting 1-inch more for free! I requested the waiter to call the owner.”
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The man said he gave the restaurant’s owner the mathematical formula to calculate the area of a circle (A=π​​r²). With π being 3.14 and “r” being the radius of the circle, the Twitter user pointed out that the area of a 9-inch circle would equal 63.62 square inches, while the area of a 5-inch circle would equal 19.63 square inches.
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He then proceeded to add the areas of the two 5-inch pizzas. 
“The two 5-inch circle areas add up to 39.26 square inch,” he tweeted. “I said that even if he gave three pizzas, I would still lose-out. ‘How can you say you are giving me an extra inch for free?’ The owner was speechless. He finally gave me 4 pizzas. Take Maths seriously!”
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However, after seeing his viral tweet – which has over 195,000 likes and 39,000 retweets so far – some users pointed out that it is unoriginal. A similar real-life math problem has apparently circulated on social media in the past. 
“Sir, please get a life for yourself and don’t hanker for likes and retweets at this age by copy pasting stuff from the internet,” one user wrote
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Nevertheless, several Twitter users joined the discussion, leaving many others dumbfounded. Some users took the volume of the pizza into consideration and suggested a correction.
“That’s incorrect because we are assuming the pizzas are the same thickness,” one user tweeted. “It’s very likely the bigger pizza is thinner since the dough is rolled over a wider area. You’re assuming you’re correct but it’s just as likely you may have cheated the restaurant out of a half a pizza.”
The Twitter thread also prompted discussions on why a 9-inch pizza was unavailable at the restaurant and whether the customer was right to have reacted the way he said he did.
“More importantly, how can the 9-inch pizza be ‘unavailable’? You have the dough back there! Stretch it into a 9-inch pie!,” one user replied. “If someone is telling you a specific size of pizza is not available, it seems to suggest they are using pre-formed crusts and probably not where you should eat.”
“Though, I appreciate the simple math here. As someone who has worked in customer service, you stressed someone out today and were probably perceived as pretentious. Which if you’re okay with, sure, no problem. You probably felt smart, but you probably made someone feel dumb,” another user said
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