Pizza Hut Taiwan unveils terrifying ‘chicken claw pizza’ for Halloween

Pizza Hut Taiwan unveils terrifying ‘chicken claw pizza’ for Halloween
via 必勝客 Pizza Hut Taiwan
Ryan General
October 30, 2023
Pizza Hut Taiwan has conjured up a spine-tingling Halloween treat, the “Ghost Rice Noodle Roll and Phoenix Claw Pizza,” combining a variety of flavors with a chilling twist.
Spooky dish: The horror-themed pizza features Hong Kong-style barbecued pork rice noodle rolls transformed into small Halloween ghosts and smoked chicken feet into severed hands seemingly reaching up from the grave, according to Taiwan News.
Beyond appearances, the pizza reportedly boasts a thin, crispy crust smothered in a Korean-style spicy sauce and a secret seasoning, crowned with a fusion of mozzarella cheese. 
With a sprinkle of storytelling: The unique Halloween dish is also the world’s first “storytelling pizza,” according to the chain. Customers can scan a QR code on the pizza box, leading them to an online event page where they can share their ghostly pizza experience. There, they can also listen to a podcaster known as “Talking Story” regale them with spine-tingling tales that aim to add an extra layer of excitement to their dining adventure. 
Limited edition pizza: Pre-orders for the Ghost Rice Noodle Roll and Phoenix Claw Pizza were made available exclusively to PK APP members beginning Oct. 24. The dish will be accessible to the general public across Taiwan on Oct. 30. 
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