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Photographer Shows Off Shirtless Chinese Students at the Shanghai University of Sport

asian men

A series of photos featuring Asian men wearing nothing but their underwear in what appears to be a college dormitory has gone viral on Chinese social media for obvious reasons.

The photos, shot by Shanghai-based photographer JQvision, depict a dorm room the Shanghai University of Sport where a group of muscle-bound “students” lounge around and partake in daily activities together while half-naked, according to Shanghaiist.

American Man Caught Taking Upskirt Videos of Women in Taipei Using Camera Hidden in Shoe


A Caucasian man believed to be in Taiwan on a work visa was arrested over the weekend for allegedly taking upskirt videos of women on the streets of Taipei’s Ximending area using a concealed pinhole camera in one of his shoes.

The man, reportedly a 45-year-old American citizen, was seen following women on the streets as he suspiciously extended his foot beneath their skirts. A passerby, a man surnamed Chao, observed the unnamed man and immediately alerted the police of his suspicious behavior, according to Taiwan News.

Malaysian Actress Posts Heartbreaking Instagram Post to Husband a Month After His Death

Actress Tracy Lee, the wife of Ben Goi, recently took to Instagram to post a heartfelt tribute to her late husband who died of a heart attack on February 3.

The 33-year-old actress posted a slideshow featuring the times she spent with her late husband and the son of “Popiah King” Sam Goi who made his fortune selling the thin, pancake-like food made from wheat flour.