Gorgeous Asian Hunks Wearing Only Iconic Costumes Will Make You Thirsty AF

Gorgeous Asian Hunks Wearing Only Iconic Costumes Will Make You Thirsty AF

April 19, 2017
Southeast Asia is known for its beautiful beaches, tasty cuisine and being an inexpensive place to travel, but it’s hot guys that have really grabbed our attention.
Whether they’re shirtless food vendors from Malaysia or smoking hot firefighters in Taiwan hosing themselves down with water, we here at NextShark can appreciate a hunky Asian man.
Thai portfolio service SKiiNMODE takes sexy snapshots that combine Asian culture with some of the continent’s most attractive guys, RocketNews24 noted.
From badass warriors to spine-chilling oni and a male version of “Ghost in the Shell’s” creepy geisha robots, the service covers a wide range of traditional to contemporary Asian images and symbols.
With their good looks and chiseled bods, check out SKiiNMODE’s sexiest Southeast Asian dudes for yourself:
“One Piece” fans rejoice! Here’s a real life Roronoa Zoro with the “Pirate Hunter’s” stitch pattern across those gorgeous abs.
This version of the “GiTS” murderous robo-geisha isn’t as terrifying.
It’s morphin’ time…in the Black Ranger’s pants. Ludi Lin would be proud.
Here’s the Red Ranger to help save the day while donning his helmet, tights and nothing else.
This is probably how No-Face from “Spirited Away” would look like IRL…
…if he didn’t eat everything in sight.
We will gladly keep renewing our Netflix subscription if Marvel adds a gender-bent version of Elektra.
Those familiar with the Final Fantasy video game franchise will notice that this oni warrior is holding up what appears to be Cloud Strife’s iconic, gigantic-ass sword.
We saved the best for last — SKiiNMODE’s series called “Forbidden Love”, which is sure to incite your “yaoi” fantasies.
If these steamy pics aren’t enough, you can follow SKiiNMODE on Instagram and Facebook to see more.
And for the “not safe for work” photos, go over to their Tumblr page and be sure to turn on the air conditioner.
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