15 Inspiring Photos That Prove Hard Work Can Conquer Anything

15 Inspiring Photos That Prove Hard Work Can Conquer Anything
Editorial Staff
May 25, 2016
Choosing to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle is easily one of the greatest life decisions someone can make. Recently, people submitted pictured of their own transformations to 
They waited five years to get married because they wanted to get in shape. That is commitment to their health and to each other.
“Five years ago I was 84 pounds heavier than I am now.” A full body shot of the same woman pictured above.
This is what one year of hard work looks like:
Couples who get swole together, stay together. They lost a total of 133 pounds before their wedding day. 
For their fourth anniversary, this couple retook their wedding photos. She lost 109 pounds and he lost 129 pounds. 
“Me and my friend thought, ‘Hey lets not be fat and ugly anymore.’ I’ve lost 110 lbs, as for her I don’t think she liked weighing herself but you can obviously tell the difference.” 
A picture of mother and son and one four years later — they look fantastic.
She went from 220 pounds to 145 pounds in 2.5 years. Now she’s rocking those pumps. 
Swipe right: Look how different his face looks when he lost 70 pounds!  
He chose health and an active lifestyle. His previous weighed 550 pounds — now he’s at 220 pounds.
“I am officially half the person I was 11 months ago! From 372 pounds to 184.86 pounds.” 
“I lost 100 pounds! From 244 lbs to 144 lbs in one year.” She exudes a lot more confidence. 
“Nine months and 150 lbs down and life will never be the same.” What a transformation.
After hitting the gym and lifting weights, this man proudly claims, “Fitness saved my life. 120 lbs lost.” 
“Anything is possible, don’t make excuses. 112 lbs down in almost a year.” 
Check her out in that polka dot bikini! “I’ve had a long battle with weight loss, 39 lbs in four years.” 
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