Japanese Netizens Capture Jaw-Dropping Videos of Epic Thunderstorm Above Tokyo

Japanese Netizens Capture Jaw-Dropping Videos of Epic Thunderstorm Above TokyoJapanese Netizens Capture Jaw-Dropping Videos of Epic Thunderstorm Above Tokyo
Tokyo’s night sky was lit up with a natural “light show” after the city was hit with one of the strongest thunderstorms in recent years.
Locals reportedly did not know what to expect after an upcoming thunderstorm was announced the day before as Japan has been subjected to extreme weather phenomenon in the past decade.
So when the powerful thunderstorm entered the nation’s capital on Tuesday night, citizens had their cameras ready to capture images from the evening’s events, reports SoraNews24.
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Being one of the biggest electrical storms to hit the city in years, the natural phenomenon became a spectacle that many throughout the city were able to record.
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Some incredible images captured lightning bolts so frighteningly up close:
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The lighting effects also provided a sinister-looking backdrop to Cinderella’s castle at Tokyo Disneyland:
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One brave photographer was able to capture some amazing shots from a high vantage point.
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Fortunately, he was aware to watch out for the movements of the towering vertical clouds known as the thunderheads. He noted that he is ready to head indoors when the clouds start to get closer.
While this single lightning bolt looks majestic on film, it is also extremely dangerous.
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Weather information specialist Franklin Japan noted that 1,246 lightning bolts were recorded within a 50-kilometer (31.1-mile) radius of Tokyo Station in the span of 10 minutes at around 8 p.m.
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Yahoo Japan illustrated the severity of the storm via its “thunder radar”:
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As the thunderstorm also came with heavy downpour, local authorities warned citizens to be vigilant due to the possibility of flooding. While the water level at the Meguro River rose during the thunderstorm, it decreased after the rain passed.
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Thankfully, aside from some slight transportation delays and a temporary power interruption in approximately 7,700 homes, the thunderstorm did not cause much harm in Tokyo.
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