Heartwarming video shows photos taken every year of father and daughter over 40 years

Heartwarming video shows photos taken every year of father and daughter over 40 years
Rebecca Moon
September 9, 2022
A heartwarming video of a father and daughter’s 40-year compilation of vacation photos in China has gone viral once again on Reddit.
As previously reported by NextShark last time the pair’s photos went viral in 2020, Hua Yunqing and his daughter Huahua loved a photograph they took while on vacation by Taying Lake in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province, so much that they decided to return every year to recreate it as a family tradition.
The video begins in 1980, with a black and white photo of Hua and a very young Huahua. As the years pass with each photo, the little girl grows taller, and the father sports a new, fashionable outfit.
The photos begin to show color in 1985, and in 1995, Huahua has grown to match her father’s height. 
Previous versions of the viral video were missing a photo for 1998 as Huahua had been studying abroad that year and was unable to join her father on their annul trip. However, upon closer inspection it becomes clear that the image was edited to fill the gap in their album.
By 2008, Hua, who is visibly older, now holds what appears to be his grandchild alongside his daughter. As the photos continue to progress, Huahua’s daughter grows older and taller as well, just as she did in the earlier photos with her father.
A second grandchild appears in the 2012 photograph.
The final photo, taken in 2020, shows Huahua with her two daughters, one who has now grown into a teenager, alongside Hua.
Reddit users complimented the video as “beautiful,” with many commenting on the father’s fashionable outfits. 
“89 was something! Lol but honestly once she had her two girls I started bawling don’t know but it’s been waterworks! It’s just so sweet,” one user commented. 
“Those were some top-tier dad outfits,” another user wrote.
“Dude was styling in 1988. I think that was his peak,” another user commented.
The Reddit post has garnered over 34,900 upvotes and 734 comments since being uploaded on Friday.
Featured Image via Reddit
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