18 Pics That Could Only Be Taken in Japan

18 Pics That Could Only Be Taken in Japan
Ryan General
May 31, 2018
Beyond ninjas and anime, Japan is home to a lot of other fascinating things that citizens of the outside world are just beginning to discover.
The richness of the country’s culture, plus the inventiveness and creativity of its people, has led to many amazing trends, innovations, and practices that foreigners can only wish they had in their home country.
A collection of images on BoredPanda highlights the Japanese ingenuity, courtesy, consideration, and discipline, among other traits unique to the land of the rising sun. The photos capture all the big and small things that truly make Japan a country like no other.
Apologizing for a minute of internet access interruption:
Airline crew waving goodbye at departing plane:
Beer cans have Braille labels that indicate an alcoholic beverage so blind people know it’s not soda:
Bus drivers on strike protest by giving free rides to commuters: 
Bathroom stalls with baby holders:
Toilets with sound effects to mask whatever noise you are making:
Emergency toilets in elevators:
Smartphone cleaners in toilets:
Reusing rinsing water for flushing the toilet: 
Rain warning on elevators so you know if you need to bring the umbrella down or not:
These artful manholes:
Tourist spots with “selfie tables” for some handsfree shots:
Chewing gum that comes with paper you wrap chewed gum in before disposing of them:
Foot spa inside a train for a relaxing ride:
Accurate food images on display:
Students are given chores at school to learn responsibility and hard work early:
An apology note with money from someone who accidentally damaged a bike owner’s bell:
And this image that speaks volumes about how discipline almost comes naturally among the Japanese people:
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