Woman’s Shih Tzu Puppy Goes Viral Because of the Adorable Way it Sleeps

Woman’s Shih Tzu Puppy Goes Viral Because of the Adorable Way it SleepsWoman’s Shih Tzu Puppy Goes Viral Because of the Adorable Way it Sleeps
A Shih Tzu puppy with an unusual sleeping position has become a viral sensation in the Philippines.
The puppy called “Paningning” was captured in a series of adorable photos while she was sleeping on her back, just like a human would. 
Owner Janess Cua uploaded photos of Paningning with her fluffy belly exposed on the Facebook group, Dog Lovers Philippines last week.
In no time, the two images became widely shared on other social media platforms over the weekend.
As of this writing, the original post has so far accumulated over 39,000 reactions, 22,000 shares, and more than 1,400 comments.
Other photos of Paningning posted on Cua’s personal Facebook page are also getting more attention, as well as thousands of reactions.
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Netizens who could not resist Paningning’s innate charms have expressed appreciation for having their mood lightened up upon seeing her images.
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As with most animal internet sensations, Paningning was not spared from being turned into a meme, inspiring witty image macros, artworks, and Photoshop edits from creative individuals.
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Netizen Erren Elizalde used Photoshop to place Paningning in different popular landmarks.
He also created trippy Paningning phone wallpapers for those who want to see her all the time:
 Check out this brilliant drawing of Paningning from artist Kara Bodegon:
Meanwhile, Twitter user @hey_jujuuuuu posted this image of Paningning as a Mobile Legends hero:
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Twitter user @Dendeeeeenn uploaded this Superman version of the pup:
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“I’m amazed by those who created the artworks for Paningning,” Cua told Coconuts. “I’m also thankful because they love my pet.”
According to Cua, she did not expect that her Paningning’s images would go viral.
“I’m happy that they went viral but at the same time, I was shocked because I did not expect that to happen,” she was quoted as saying. “It’s really just my hobby to take photos of my pet dogs.”
Featured image via Facebook/Janess Cua
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