Malaysian Cosplayer Exposes ‘Photographer’ Who Slid Into Her DMs Asking for Sex

Malaysian Cosplayer Exposes ‘Photographer’ Who Slid Into Her DMs Asking for Sex
Carl Samson
December 5, 2017
A Malaysian cosplayer warned others on social media after a “photographer” swiftly moved from offering a gig to inviting her for sex.
In a Facebook post on Nov. 28, Kino Mikii shared screenshots of conversations between her and a man called Michael Alex, who claimed to be a photographer from Singapore.
At first, Alex approached Mikii with a photoshoot offer and asked for her rate:
Later on, Alex asked Mikii if she could also model for his “product,” and offered 2,000 Singapore dollars ($1,484.68).
“If you feel the money is less, I can give you more,” he added.
Things became even weirder after Mikii declined modeling with dildos. As it turned out, Alex wanted to use his “product” after the photoshoot.
“We will have intercourse after [the] photo[shoot]. I want to taste your beautiful body,” Alex said.
At this point, Mikii found herself in shock and asked Alex to axe the photoshoot they already scheduled. The cosplayer also warned the “photographer” that their conversations will be posted on social media.
“WTF? I only do proper photoshoot.”
“I don’t mind if you just cancel off this shoot. You can take the money to hire some low[ly] model to have ‘intercourse’ with you.”
Mikii warned others:
“Girls, be careful of this damn singaporean dry guy Michael Alex… Please be careful when taking photoshoots with strangers and male photographers, they may be a beast to you during or after shoots.”
While many expressed support, others accused Mikii of faking the whole story. Thankfully, an Indonesian friend named Hieldha Charisma reached out and provided more information about Alex, debunking accusations that Mikii was sending messages to herself.
Apparently, Charisma was also victimized by the same man, who is now believed to be Indonesian based on his phone number.
Alex is still on the loose, but Mikii is relieved to clear false accusations. She thanked everyone who showed their support:
“So days had passed. Finally I’m able to clear out all the false accusations from different perspectives of people. I’m fine now and all I want is just a good rest. Thank you for all those who had been supporting and fighting for me, speaking and explaining to others what had actually happened. For now, I guess let’s all just move on and let the post rest down. I’m done with the post already.”
“I really do appreciate all the help and support from the bottom of my heart. Thank you.”
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