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Phở restaurant in Iowa criticized as ‘lazy,’ ‘disgusting’ for including raw beef slices in phở order

Pho Racist Customer Complaint
  • A customer accused a phở restaurant in Iowa of being “lazy” and “dangerous” with their dish preparation after seeing uncooked beef in their to-go order.
  • The Vietnamese restaurant responded by explaining that serving raw meat is the traditional way of preparing phở in Vietnam. The thin raw beef slices are cooked by the hot broth it is served with.

A Vietnamese restaurant in Iowa was subjected to severe criticism from an angry customer who called the way their traditional phở was prepared “disgusting.”

Pho Real Kitchen and Bar, an authentic Vietnamese restaurant in Des Moines, received an email from the customer who was shocked to find uncooked slices of beef in their to-go order, reported We Are Iowa

Michelin star French chef skewered online for his pho recipe

  • Acclaimed chef Eric Ripert of the Michelin star restaurant Le Bernadin is being criticized for his “vegetarian Vietnamese pho” recipe posted to Instagram on Jan. 3.
  • The post shows Ripert in the kitchen of Le Bernadin with a bowl of soup that seems to be lined with radishes and shitake mushrooms. Subsequent pictures in the carousel share the recipe. 
  • The yellow color of the noodles immediately raised questions among social media users since a central ingredient to pho are slightly flat white rice noodles. 

Eric Ripert, chef at Michelin starred restaurant Le Bernadin, is facing social media criticism for his “vegetarian Vietnamese pho” photos and recipe, posted to Instagram Jan. 3. 

The first photo posted by Ripert shows him in the kitchen at Le Bernadin with a bowl of soup, holding up yellow noodles with chopsticks. The caption reads “2022 HEARTWARMING DISH” and explains that this is Ripert’s vegetarian Vietnamese pho. 

White Chef Enrages the Asian Community AGAIN After Making a Chicken Sandwich and Calling it ‘Pho’

Stock Rittenhouse, a restaurant in Philadelphia owned by chef Tyler Akin, is getting dragged online after netizens discovered a dish on the menu called Pho Fried Chicken Sandwich.

According to the description, the sandwich consists of “crispy chicken thigh with fish sauce caramel glaze, pho spices, cilantro root mayonnaise, spicy hoisin, black pepper, coriander pickled onions, and Thai basil.”

White-Owned Pho Restaurant That Tried to Trademark The Word ‘Pho’ Under Fire For ‘Vegan Pho’

A pho restaurant chain owned by Stephen and Juliette Wall in the U.K. went viral in 2013 for trademarking the word “pho” and attempting to sue a smaller Vietnamese business who used the word in their name.

Recently, the White-owned Vietnamese restaurant has come under fire again for their new menu, which includes carb-free courgette (zucchini) and butternut squash noodle pho, cauliflower “rice” bowls, and other vegan and gluten-free dishes.

How Many Calories Are Actually in Your Favorite Asian Foods?

asian food

There are a few clichés you’re guaranteed to come across at the start of every new year: shameless “new year, new me” posts, long lists of resolutions that will be abandoned by February and thousands of people aiming to shed a few pounds.

If you’re one of these people aiming to cut down on unhealthy eating habits this year, you may be wondering exactly how many calories are in your favorite Asian foods. After all, it’s not like restaurants put calorie labels on their menus.