Pho restaurant in Texas faces repeated vandalism in recent months

Pho restaurant in Texas faces repeated vandalism in recent monthsPho restaurant in Texas faces repeated vandalism in recent months
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Ryan General
September 27, 2023
A beloved pho restaurant in Keller, Texas, has fallen victim to repeated acts of vandalism, leaving its owner with substantial financial losses.
Repeated attacks: Pho in the Box, a popular restaurant on Keller Parkway, has been targeted with vandalism for the third time since the attacks started in May.
On Sept. 20, the most recent incident, surveillance footage captured a masked individual dressed in black repeatedly smashing the restaurant’s windows and doors with a hammer. The vandal never entered the establishment, fleeing the scene after causing extensive damage. 
Perplexing attacks: The nature of the attacks, which do not involve theft, left owner Alvin Inthasone and local law enforcement puzzled. There have been no reports of similar incidents at other businesses in the city, suggesting that Pho in the Box has been specifically targeted. He also believes the latest attacker is the same person who had previously attacked the business, with the same windows smashed. 
“Every day I go home, I think to myself, did I do something wrong?” Inthasone said, according to CBS.
Financial losses: After the first two incidents, Inthasone was forced to temporarily close his restaurant for up to 10 days, resulting in a significant loss of revenue. Beyond the cost of repairing the damage, the vandalism also wreaked havoc on his refrigeration systems, causing the loss of valuable food supplies. These unfortunate events have coincided with a period of reduced business due to scorching summer temperatures and inflation, further straining Inthasone’s livelihood.
Current investigation: Keller Police have faced significant challenges in their attempts to apprehend the culprit, as they initially had limited evidence to work with. However, after the latest incident, they are looking into a potential suspect familiar to Inthasone. 
Rallying a community: Inthasone has set up a GoFundMe page to help cover repair costs. As of this writing, he has raised $1,850 out of the $8,000 goal. In a heartfelt message on the GoFundMe page, Inthasone expressed his gratitude to the Keller community. 
Pho in the Box has garnered a loyal following not only for its delicious food but also for the warm and caring personality of its owner. Some loyal patrons even initiated a social media campaign to support the business.
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