Michelin star French chef skewered online for his pho recipe

Michelin star French chef skewered online for his pho recipe
Sarah Yukiko
January 7, 2022
Eric Ripert, chef at Michelin starred restaurant Le Bernadin, is facing social media criticism for his “vegetarian Vietnamese pho” photos and recipe, posted to Instagram Jan. 3. 
The first photo posted by Ripert shows him in the kitchen at Le Bernadin with a bowl of soup, holding up yellow noodles with chopsticks. The caption reads “2022 HEARTWARMING DISH” and explains that this is Ripert’s vegetarian Vietnamese pho. 
The noodles immediately struck a negative chord with commenters on the post, as Pho uses rice noodles, which are slightly flat and white. The yellow noodles instead resembled Japanese ramen, which commenters pointed out. 
“The noodles are so yellow they look like they came from a packet of instant noodles” wrote one commenter. 
Other commenters aimed to educate. “It wouldn’t be Pho without its namesake, banh pho noodles. The noodles in the picture are for bun.”
In the subsequent pictures in the carousel, the recipe was unveiled to the dismay of many in the comments. The use of ingredients such as soy sauce were skewered by commenters. 
“Eric I love you but my grandma just rolled over in her grave seeing this,” lamented one commenter.
“Uncle Roger here you go,” someone added, alluding to the U.K.-based Malaysian comedian who has previously skewered less-than-authentic versions of foods like fried rice.
Featured Image via Bon Appétit
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