This baby’s reaction to trying phở for the first time is the best food review of all time

This baby’s reaction to trying phở for the first time is the best food review of all time
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Mom might have to start filling his bottle with broth

December 15, 2022
Phở is often lauded as one of the world’s greatest foods, and for good reason. Vietnam’s national dish — traditionally consisting of bone broth, rice noodles, herbs and sliced beef — is aromatic, savory and rich. It manages to be simultaneously light and hearty, complex yet simple. In short, it’s downright delicious. 
A testament to that fact is one baby’s viral reaction to trying phở for the first time, as captured in a video taken by his mom and uploaded to TikTok.
The 9-month-old’s mother, Franzelle (@brookestersandmommy), posted the short clip to her page on Tuesday, where it has already garnered over 2.5 million views and 681,000 likes.
In the video, captioned “10/10 recommended by Hendrix,” Hendrix can be seen sitting in a high chair at what appears to be a restaurant. His mom’s hand can be seen spooning a bit of soup into his open mouth. 
Hendrix smacks his lips after trying the broth, and in a moment of pure delight, leans his head back and lets out a gurgly, rapturous cry of approval. The smiling baby boy, clearly happy with what he’s just tasted, seems to clamor for more as his mom delivers him another small spoonful. His reaction: an audible and adorable “mm’ing” followed by another cry of joy.
“He said thats phởking good,” the top comment, with nearly 50,000 likes, on the video reads.
“Lil bro just gained consciousness there,” the next most-liked comment, with almost 23,000 likes, reads.
“*sip* *processing* *VICTORY SCREECH*” another popular comment reads.
Seeing the effusive reactions to the video, Franzelle took to the comments section of the video on Wednesday to thank viewers for all their “love” before uploading another video further showing Hendrix’s newfound love for phở. She also assured concerned commenters she would make sure Hendrix was only given soup and rice as part of his meal next time.

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