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Over 100 kittens, puppies rescued from ‘blind boxes’ in latest bust of China’s ‘mystery box’ craze

mystery box craze

Over 100 cats and dogs being sold in “mystery boxes” were rescued in Shanghai on Monday, igniting new discussions on animal welfare and postal regulations in China.

Where they were found: The animals, which were mostly kittens, were found in front of a residential community in the Jiading district, according to reports. The boxes were believed to be abandoned by the courier company transporting them.

‘Stolen’ Dog at Market Asks for Rescue By Extending Paw to Passerby in China

A scruffy-looking dog chained in front of a meat market in China was able to escape certain death after seeking help from an animal lover. 

Silent plea for help: Bound to be killed for its meat, an American Eskimo Dog at the market in Jilin Province apparently made a desperate attempt to save itself by extending its paw to a passerby on Oct. 26 last year, MailOnline reports. The video recently went viral.

Good Dog Warns Girl to Turn Off TV and Do Homework When Parents Come Home


An untrained German Shepherd has gone viral on Chinese social media for acting as a lookout for his little human, Guanlin, so she could watch TV instead of doing her homework and for picking up the delivery when his owners are not home.

Nuomi, a German Shepherd adopted by the family four years ago, was not a trained canine, but he knows how to alert the little girl whenever her parents are coming, according to South China Morning Post.

Hong Kong Warns Against Kissing Pets After Dog Confirmed to Have Coronavirus

coronavirus pets

Pet owners in Hong Kong have been warned against kissing their pets after a dog was confirmed with a case of coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Hong Kong Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department announced on Wednesday that a dog had tested positive for the virus during a recent checkup while not showing any symptoms. The dog had reportedly tested as a “weak positive” for the COVID-19 virus last month in an earlier checkup, reports The Guardian.

Meet the Asian Parents Who Initially Hated Pets But Are Now Pawsitively in Love

asian pets

You probably begged your parents for a pet when you were growing up. Your classmates had a dog, a cat or even a hamster, but you were left to your own devices. Your strict Asian parents vehemently told you “absolutely no animals” in the house. You cried. It didn’t make a difference. And so, you resigned to Neopets or Club Penguin for another day.

You’re a bit older now and have finally gotten that pet you wanted so much for yourself. Well, guess what? Your parents love that pet to pieces! Sometimes you think even more than they love you.

Japanese Twitter Swears By This Bizarre Way to Find a Lost Cat, and It Involves Talking to Animals


A Japanese Twitter user recently shared a rather unconventional, unique, and allegedly effective method on how to get your lost cats back – and it involves talking to another stray cat.

Twitter user @charlie0816 recently took to social media to share what he learned, and said that apparently, speaking to other stray cats in the area and asking them to tell your cat to come home is a sure fire way to get your lost pet to return to you.