Japanese Netizens Want Popular ‘Hamster’ YouTuber Arrested for Animal Abuse

Japanese Netizens Want Popular ‘Hamster’ YouTuber Arrested for Animal AbuseJapanese Netizens Want Popular ‘Hamster’ YouTuber Arrested for Animal Abuse
A popular YouTuber in Japan sparked outrage among many Japanese netizens after releasing a video which shows the channel’s owner apparently abusing his pet hamster.
Angry netizens are now calling for the arrest of the person behind Japanese YouTube channel Ham Ham Exploration Party for the abuse of a hamster.
The unnamed owner, which mainly showcases videos of his pet hamsters on his channel, has reportedly been keeping the small rodents as pets for 24 years, reports SoraNews24.
His videos have become so popular that some of them were featured on local television programs.
But his latest video has caught the attention of many animal lovers after it went viral on social media.
In the clip, he can be seen tormenting a hamster by burying him under a pile of snow. The poor animal tries to escape the cold but the owner keeps on piling more snow on it.
As most varieties of hamsters come from desert climates, the rodent has very little tolerance for cold temperatures.
It was also discovered in other videos that the owner often feeds his pets raw meat, dead yeast, and unhealthy junk food such as ice cream, soda, and miso soup ingredients.
This diet forced on a small animal can easily lead to obesity or a weak immune system.
Japanese netizens launched an online petition on Change.org last year in a bid to have the owner of Ham Ham Exploration Party arrested based on the grounds of pet abuse.
The petition recently gained momentum and so far received signatures from over 11,300 people.
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