YouTuber Captures Horrifying Video of Dog Being Dragged By Car in Hawaii

YouTuber Captures Horrifying Video of Dog Being Dragged By Car in Hawaii
Bryan Ke
June 7, 2018
A disturbing video showing a poor dog being dragged on a leash tied to a car for two blocks in Hawaii has recently resurfaced due to its horrifying nature.
The incident, which was caught on dash cam video on December 15, 2017, by Johnny Cheng in Honolulu when a car passed by an intersection dragging the poor dog behind it on a leash, New York Post reported.
A person riding a bicycle on the opposite side of the road can also be seen stopping and looking on in horror.
After seeing the poor animal’s horrific situation, some drivers immediately tried to chase the female driver of the vehicle. They tried to get her attention by honking their horns, but to no avail.
During the chase, Cheng said that he was trying to call 911 but the line was busy and he was put on hold.
Finally we stop her at the red light (intersection of Date street and Isenberg street),” Chang wrote in the YouTube post’s description.
A woman can be seen rushing to the vehicle’s rear to help the limp dog just as the driver got out of her car.
She came out, released the dog, put into the back seat, and drove off without saying anything,” he continued.
In an updated post, Cheng was told by the Honolulu Police Department that the owner brought her dog to the doctor after what happened, suspecting that this may have been an accident.
Images via YouTube / Johnny Cheng
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