Japanese Twitter Swears By This Bizarre Way to Find a Lost Cat, and It Involves Talking to Animals

Japanese Twitter Swears By This Bizarre Way to Find a Lost Cat, and It Involves Talking to Animals
Bryan Ke
May 14, 2019
A Japanese Twitter user recently shared a rather unconventional, unique, and allegedly effective method on how to get your lost cats back – and it involves talking to another stray cat.
Twitter user @charlie0816 recently took to social media to share what he learned, and said that apparently, speaking to other stray cats in the area and asking them to tell your cat to come home is a sure fire way to get your lost pet to return to you.
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My cat escaped two days ago and didn’t return, but somebody on Twitter said, ‘Talking to cats in the neighbourhood and saying to them, ‘If you see my cat, please tell it to come home’ is an effective technique.’ So last night, I went to the local convenience store and gave it a try by speaking to the stray cats there, and then this morning our cat returned to the front of our house. Um…is it seriously this effective?” the user wrote in the tweet, as translated by SoraNews24.
Not many netizens were convinced however. Some even called the event as nothing more than a sheer coincidence, but it appears like @charlie0816 is not the only one who had experienced this rather peculiar phenomenon.
Some of the comments said, as translated by the report:
“My mother did the same thing for a child who lost their cat after just two days of having it. She told the strays the story and the cat returned the next day!”
“I went looking for my cat with a tin of cat food and when a stray crossed my path, I fed and spoke to it and my cat returned within the hour.”
“When I lost my cat, one of the strays passed our house so I asked it if it knew where my cat was. It meowed and then walked slowly towards the storehouse and meowed in front of it. Then I heard my cat meowing back from inside!”
“Our cat disappeared on the day we moved into our new place and was missing for a week. I asked a stray for its help and the next day the stray came back with my cat. I was dumbfounded!”
But it appears like this method is not just for cats. Another user also said that its pet dog went missing one day and had asked for the help of a stray cat to help find the pooch.
“Our dog disappeared so I asked a pet cat to help find it, and then a few minutes later it came back with our dog. I was freaked out and impressed at the same time!”
The whole thing sounds like nothing more but coincidence, but still the results sound eerily effective or just really lucky.
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