Good Dog Warns Girl to Turn Off TV and Do Homework When Parents Come Home

Good Dog Warns Girl to Turn Off TV and Do Homework When Parents Come Home

September 21, 2020
An untrained German Shepherd has gone viral on Chinese social media for acting as a lookout for his little human, Guanlin, so she could watch TV instead of doing her homework and for picking up the delivery when his owners are not home.
Nuomi, a German Shepherd adopted by the family four years ago, was not a trained canine, but he knows how to alert the little girl whenever her parents are coming, according to South China Morning Post.
The German Shepherd would alert Guanlin by barking at the door first followed by placing his paw on the table. This is a sign that Guanlin must move back to her homework and turn off the TV.
Her father was oblivious to this at first until he checked the CCTV footage.
Screenshot via South China Morning Post
Nuomi is also a very helpful dog, often going with the family to do groceries and carrying the basket around for them. He also knows how to receive deliveries when his owners are not around.
Screenshot via South China Morning Post
“I saw the door was open, so I brought the parcel in,” the delivery man said. “Then I realized it was the dog who received it. I was so cared that I didn’t even have time to take the receipt. He just took it away.”
Nuomi’s owner then took the dog to meet the delivery man. He immediately recognized the man and gave him a bag of snacks.
Screenshot via South China Morning Post
Guanlin and Nuomi have lived together since she was still a toddler. She said she always walks him, tells him stories and feeds him.
What made them internet famous, however, is their teamwork in mischief. Nuomi sometimes gives her a hand — or in this case a paw — when trying to sneak snacks. He also picks her up from school and carries her bag when they are going home.
Screenshot via South China Morning Post
“He’s very smart, and he gets along well with all of us,” the owners said of Nuomi, whose parents are retired police dogs. “I like keeping dogs. I’m always learning more about training him, from online platforms and elsewhere. He knows some tricks. When we go grocery shopping, he helps put things in the basket. Sometimes he hands us the TV remote and throws trash for us.”
Guanlin and Nuomi gained millions of followers on Chinese social media, and their dad wants to continue sharing their heartwarming adventures together.
Images screenshot via South China Morning Post
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