SF pet store owner looking to pass down 40-year-old shop for free under 1 condition

SF pet store owner looking to pass down 40-year-old shop for free under 1 condition
Bryan Ke
August 28, 2023
A San Francisco pet store owner is willing to pass down his beloved store to a new owner for free — but under one condition.
Looking for takers: John Chan, the 58-year-old owner of Pet Central in San Francisco’s Chinatown, posted on Nextdoor about his store last week. He is looking for potential candidates interested in running the business he has taken care of for the past 40 years, he told SFGate.
“Pet store for sale. Owner retired. Looking for some one [sic] who loves animals. And take good care of my customers. Asking price is $0,” Chan wrote.
Why he’s doing it: Chan told CBS News that he wants to spend more time with his family. He shared that he worked 10-hour shifts at the store for six days every week and never took a vacation of more than a couple of days.
He also added that Pet Central has been a part of his life ever since he was young, as he would often spend time in the shop before taking over the business once his parents retired.
What’s the catch: While Chan is willing to pass down his business – which is reportedly estimated to have a value of $300,000 — for free, he will take the store’s inventory to keep for himself. The inventory is estimated to be around half of the store’s total worth.
The right buyer: Stating that money is not an issue, Chan told CBS News he wants to “find people with a good heart. That’s the most important thing.” He shared that he has already received 100 calls and emails since advertising his store. He also noted that Pet Central still has four years of its building lease left and has a good relationship with its landlord.
Other details: Pet Central sells different kinds of animals, such as reptiles, birds and fish. The store used to have three employees and operated seven days a week before the COVID-19 pandemic shut San Francisco down.

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