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Dog’s Ear Falls Off After Allergic Reaction ‌Because Owner Dyed It Pink

A dog owner from Thailand is going viral for all the wrong reasons after dying their Pomeranian’s ears to pink, which reportedly resulted in a severe allergic reaction that caused one of its ears to fall off.

The saddening incident happened on February 6, Wednesday, when an unnamed female pet owner decided to dye the ears of her Pomeranian dog, named Diffy, in neon pink using a 40-minute foil wrap process, according to Coconuts Bangkok.

Chinese College Student Forced to Give Up Pet ‘Miniature Pig’ After It Grows Up

pet pig

A female college student who is living in a dormitory had to make a very hard decision to give up her pet “miniature pig” after the animal grew to its full adult size. 

The student, who is studying at Guangdong Vocational College of Industry and Commerce in Guangdong, China bought the miniature pig online and she figured that it wouldn’t be that hard to keep the animal a secret from school administrators.

Man in South Korea Kills Neighbor’s Corgi for Barking, Invites Owner to Dinner to Eat It

In what may sound like it’s straight from a slasher/psychopath movie, a South Korean farmer recently sparked massive outrage after he deliberately killed his neighbor’s barking dog and proceeded to cook its meat. Afterwards, he asked the pet’s owner if he wants to try and eat the meal he prepared.

The story was first brought to the public’s attention this week when the daughter of the family posted an online petition that received almost 15,000 signatures calling for the support of the public to make sure that the culprit, a 62-year-old unnamed man, will be punished, according to AFP via AsiaOne.