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Chinese man cooks and eats his pet arowana after it dies, says it’s ‘most expensive fish’ he’s ever eaten

man eats pet fish
  • A man in Henan, China, decided to steam cook his pet arowana, a type of freshwater fish, after it died, feeling it would be a “waste.”
  • He purportedly bought the fish three years ago, and it grew from 10 centimeters (approximately 3.9 inches) to about 30 to 40 centimeters (11.8 to 15.7 inches) long.
  • After the tank’s water pump malfunctioned for five hours, the arowana died.
  • The man described the fish as being fresh and tender while describing it as “the most expensive fish” he has ever eaten.

Feeling that it would be a waste, a man in Henan, China, decided to steam cook and eat his pet silver arowana, describing it as “the most expensive fish” he has eaten.

In a viral video uploaded to Weibo on Friday, the man is seen cooking his once-pet fish, adding various ingredients to a pot including green onions and potatoes. Arowanas are a type of bony freshwater fish and can often cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Chinese man teaches his dog how to start the rice cooker while he is away in viral video

  • A man in China taught his pet husky how to use an electric rice cooker by remotely instructing the dog through a home surveillance system.
  • Before going out, the man placed the rice into the electric rice cooker.
  • After his errands took longer than expected, the man instructed his husky to turn on the rice cooker through a speaker connected to his surveillance system.
  • The man has been training his pet dog since he was a puppy and has taught him to do various tasks such as flushing the toilet and flipping the light switch.

A pet husky in China managed to turn on a rice cooker by following his owner’s remote voice commands given through a surveillance system.

Before leaving his house in Zhejiang Province to get groceries, the man, surnamed Zhou, washed the rice and placed it into the rice cooker. After taking longer than expected to return home, Zhou used his home surveillance system to instruct his pet husky Lucky to turn on the rice cooker. 

Dog’s Ear Falls Off After Allergic Reaction ‌Because Owner Dyed It Pink

A dog owner from Thailand is going viral for all the wrong reasons after dying their Pomeranian’s ears to pink, which reportedly resulted in a severe allergic reaction that caused one of its ears to fall off.

The saddening incident happened on February 6, Wednesday, when an unnamed female pet owner decided to dye the ears of her Pomeranian dog, named Diffy, in neon pink using a 40-minute foil wrap process, according to Coconuts Bangkok.

Chinese College Student Forced to Give Up Pet ‘Miniature Pig’ After It Grows Up

pet pig

A female college student who is living in a dormitory had to make a very hard decision to give up her pet “miniature pig” after the animal grew to its full adult size. 

The student, who is studying at Guangdong Vocational College of Industry and Commerce in Guangdong, China bought the miniature pig online and she figured that it wouldn’t be that hard to keep the animal a secret from school administrators.