Man Goes on Adventures With His Cat Duoduo to ‘Let Him See the World’

Man Goes on Adventures With His Cat Duoduo to ‘Let Him See the World’

June 19, 2020
A man from Chongqing, China has amassed millions of likes on Chinese social media for posting videos of himself across the country with his cat companion.
Xiaojie is inseparable from his 1-year-old cat, Duoduo. He wanted to show his companion how big the world is and to share some experiences, the owner told South China Morning Post.
“Cats normally live less than 20 years, so I try to take him wherever I go,” he said. “I don’t send him to board anywhere, because I’d worry. It’s OK to leave him at home for a day, but even then, I watch him on my surveillance cameras and can see him meowing. It’s heartbreaking.”
While man and cat can be seen both relaxing with spectacular views, Xiaojie said they had encountered a few obstacles during their travel, including hotels and tourist sites not allowing pets inside their establishments.
The pair also suffered from altitude sickness whenever they were going on a mountain trip.
Duoduo is a great companion because he is not difficult to handle when out on the road. According to Xiaojie, he is keen to explore the world unlike other cats.
“Some cats cling to their owners, or don’t let their owners put them down,” he said.
“Duoduo is different. You can’t stop him from exploring. When he sees something new, he has to play with it.”
Many of their fans don’t see them as pet and human, but more like a couple and Xiaojie agrees.
“Duoduo isn’t troublesome at all,” he said.
“I’d have a lot of issues if I had a girlfriend. I want to keep things simple, and having Duoduo accompany me makes me comfortable. He’s my friend, or even my partner. He goes wherever I go.”
With fame comes business endeavors, and Xiaojie reportedly received several requests from unnamed businesses, but rejected them all. For him, traveling with his partner is more important.
“In the future, I’ll travel to more places when I have time, and I will definitely take Duoduo with me, to let him see the world.”
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