Adorable Dog Goes Viral For Photobombing Street View Photos in South Korea

Adorable Dog Goes Viral For Photobombing Street View Photos in South Korea
Ryan General
June 19, 2017
One friendly dog on a remote island in South Korea has become internet-famous for crashing the street-view photos of local web platform Daum as it was being mapped.
The photobombing golden retriever apparently joined the firm’s street-view mapper in his task to cover Jukdo, an isolated island located near Ulleungdo island. The most amazing part of it is that the dog ended up being in every single photo of the tiny island which approximately measures just .45 miles long and .30 miles wide.
Daum, which has a mapping service with similar features as Google, visited the island back in 2010 but the photos only recently garnered attention when they eventually emerged on social media.
As the company photographer traversed the island’s landmarks and other points of interest, the unnamed dog became his willing companion, eagerly following the camera wherever it was pointed at.
The dog seemed to enjoy giving its visitor a tour of the island based on how it playfully posed for the shots.
In one photo, it can be seen close to the photographer, and in another, it seemed to be hiding behind trees and shrubs.
Reports about the photogenic pup, unfortunately, had no details about where the dog came from or who it belonged to.
According to Daily Mail, the latest census data of the island, dated 2004, reported that only one family of three lives there.
While there is a possibility that the dog belonged to that family, it is also probable that the street view star is owned by someone who was using the island’s camping facilities at that time.
You may check out images of Jukdo Island and its friendly pup via Daum’s map service here.
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