Man in South Korea Kills Neighbor’s Corgi for Barking, Invites Owner to Dinner to Eat It

Man in South Korea Kills Neighbor’s Corgi for Barking, Invites Owner to Dinner to Eat It
Bryan Ke
By Bryan Ke
April 13, 2018
In what may sound like it’s straight from a slasher/psychopath movie, a South Korean farmer recently sparked massive outrage after he deliberately killed his neighbor’s barking dog and proceeded to cook its meat. Afterwards, he asked the pet’s owner if he wants to try and eat the meal he prepared.
The story was first brought to the public’s attention this week when the daughter of the family posted an online petition that received almost 15,000 signatures calling for the support of the public to make sure that the culprit, a 62-year-old unnamed man, will be punished, according to AFP via AsiaOne.
“We had been all around the town, handing out leaflets containing the dog’s picture, phone number and rewards of 1 million Won ($933), in order to find the missing dog,” the daughter said. “When I reached the man’s house, which is just three doors down from ours, he expressed sympathy, promising to let us know if he found the dog.”
It was said in the report that the 2-year-old Welsh Corgi was already in the suspect’s possession when he was approached by the daughter. However, it’s unknown if the animal was either dead or alive at that time.
He even visited the family the following day, the woman recounted. The suspect drank with her father and consoled him about the missing family pet.
“He even invited neighbours to come share the dog meat, including my father who did not accept the invitation as he is a non-dog meat eater,” the daughter added.
The suspect ultimately confessed to the crime after another neighbor tipped off the family over their missing dog. He admitted that he got irritated by the constant barking and that he was the one who killed the dog after he threw a stone that knocked the dog unconscious.
“Only after the dog passed out, he claims, he strangled the animal and cooked it,” a detective from Pyeongtaek in Gyeonggi province, South Korea, said. “The man then invited his neighbours to share the meal, including the father of the dog-owning family.”
According to the report, under the newly strengthened law for animal abuse, those who will be caught doing the crime may face up to two years in prison or pay a fine of up to 20 million won ($18,693).
Featured image via Wikimedia Commons / Pmuths1956 (CC BY-SA 3.0)
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