Japanese Friendship Robot Will Warm Your Cold Heart for $6,000

Japanese Friendship Robot Will Warm Your Cold Heart for $6,000
Bryan Ke
January 8, 2019
Japanese startup company Groove X unveiled its friendship robot called Lovot at the recent CES 2019 held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.
The robot, which costs $6,000 a pair, will act as a friend to you and your family at home. It’s a robot pet that needs constant care and attention, and equally adorable.
According to Mashable, Lovot loves being held and hugged. It knows if a human is holding it thanks to the 50 sensors embedded all over its body.
The robot comes equipped with facial recognition software installed on top of its head that helps it identify new and old faces. The camera also acts as its eyes to prevent it from bumping into things.
Another feature of Lovot is it hasits own personality, which is powered by artificial intelligence, that develops quirks the longer you interact with it.
The Lovot can also develop a preference for certain outfits. Owners will have to watch out for the sounds it makes and emotive animations.
Pre-orders for the Lovot is now available on Groove X’s website. The company is expected to start shipping the product sometime in 2020.
Featured Image Screenshot via YouTube / GROOVE X, Inc. (Left), Instagram / lovot_official (Right)
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