Golden Retriever Dragged By Car in China, Driver Claims He Didn’t Notice

Golden Retriever Dragged By Car in China, Driver Claims He Didn’t Notice
Ryan General
By Ryan General
August 16, 2017
An image of a helpless dog being dragged by a car on a road in China has sparked outrage on Chinese social media.
In the widely-shared photo, a golden retriever can be seen tied to a vehicle as it moved along a road in Haining, Zhejiang Province.
According to Shanghaiist, the car’s driver, a friend of the owner of both the dog and vehicle, later claimed that he did not realize that a dog was being dragged as he drove. He has since apologized, expressing regret over the incident.
In an interview with local media, the dog’s owner stated that his pet had slept under his car the previous night and when his friend borrowed the vehicle the following morning, he handed over the keys without realizing that his dog was still tied to the car.
When the driver did eventually notice that the car was dragging a dog behind it, the poor pup already suffered for a long distance. He did, however, take the dog to a local veterinarian clinic for treatment after discovering what happened.
Qiuqiu, the golden retriever, suffered minor injuries and is expected to make a full recovery.
Netizens have since blasted both men for endangering the dog’s life, with some users of Chinese social media urging local officials to take the dog away from its owner. Some also expressed doubt that the driver failed to notice the dog’s leash tied to the driver’s side passenger door beforehand.
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