Chinese man teaches his dog how to start the rice cooker while he is away in viral video

Chinese man teaches his dog how to start the rice cooker while he is away in viral video
Rebecca Moon
June 7, 2022
A pet husky in China managed to turn on a rice cooker by following his owner’s remote voice commands given through a surveillance system.
Before leaving his house in Zhejiang Province to get groceries, the man, surnamed Zhou, washed the rice and placed it into the rice cooker. After taking longer than expected to return home, Zhou used his home surveillance system to instruct his pet husky Lucky to turn on the rice cooker. 
In a video posted to Douyin on May 31, Lucky, who is seen laying on the floor, stands up upon hearing Zhou’s voice through the surveillance system and walks over to the kitchen counter, where he places his two front paws on an electric switch connected to the rice cooker.
“Lucky, it will take me a long time to wait for the COVID-19 test. Can you turn on the power switch for the rice cooker?” Zhou asks Lucky.
After repeating his instructions a few times, Lucky manages to both turn on and start the rice cooker. Zhou then tells Lucky that he will prepare a special meal for him when he returns.
Zhou first adopted Lucky in 2016 and has since trained him to do various chores around the house, including flushing the toilet and turning on light switches. He also claimed to have quickly trained Lucky on how to fasten a seatbelt. Zhou described their relationship as having a “tacit understanding” between them and explained that Lucky is unable to understand his wife’s instructions.
In some of Zhou’s other Douyin videos, Lucky can be seen performing other various tasks, from pulling money out of a drawer to sneaking himself a yogurt from the fridge. 
The viral video of Lucky cooking rice has garnered 135,000 likes and 40,000 comments since being uploaded. 
Featured Image via Douyin
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