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China’s ‘Internet Queen’ Sparks Outrage After Giving Baby Her Husband’s Last Name

Papi Jiang

A woman dubbed as one of China’s “Internet Queens” has come under fire after letting her newborn follow her husband’s surname — a practice that has endured for thousands of years but is now being challenged by some in the country.

The criticism against Jiang Yilei, better known as Papi Jiang, reportedly comes from a number of “feminist warriors” who, according to one author, have a tendency to impose “extreme views” of gender equality on others.

Girl Dies From Brain Vessel Rupture After Mom Hits Her Over Homework Mistakes


An elementary school student in northern China died after blood vessels to and from her brain ruptured as a result of the whacking that she received from her mother for making errors on her homework.

The 8-year-old girl, who lived in Tongchuan, Shaanxi province, reportedly watched cartoons while doing her homework one afternoon, which apparently affected her focus.