15-year-old girl in Japan arrested for stabbing 2 women as ‘practice’ for killing her mother

15-year-old girl in Japan arrested for stabbing 2 women as ‘practice’ for killing her mother

A Japanese teenager was arrested in Tokyo’s Shibuya ward on Saturday for stabbing two people because she “wanted to practice” before killing her mother.

August 23, 2022
Police in Tokyo’s Shibuya ward have arrested a 15-year-old girl for stabbing a mother and daughter as “practice” before killing her own mother and younger brother.
At around 7:20 p.m. on Saturday, the girl reportedly stabbed a 53-year-old woman and her 19-year-old daughter from behind on a street in Maruyama-cho near Shibuya Station.
The girl was arrested shortly after, and police reportedly seized three small knives that were in her possession. The 15-year-old from Toda, Saitama Prefecture, has not been named as she is a minor. 
According to a 28-year-old witness, the girl was crying while being detained by police. She allegedly had knives scattered around her, wore pants and a T-shirt with blood on it and “had black hair and looked young,” Kyodo News reported.
Police stated on Sunday that the girl said she “wanted to get the death penalty.”
The victims of the attack suffered severe injuries that will require at least three months to recover from, according to reports. The younger victim sustained a stab wound to her back that was more than 10 centimeters (approximately 4 inches) deep.
According to investigators, the suspect left her house at around noon with 500 yen (approximately $3.66) and told her mother that she was heading to cram school. She then rode a train from Musashi Urawa Station to Shinjuku Station before searching for a quiet area in Shinjuku to commit murder. She eventually headed toward Shibuya.
The 15-year-old explained that she planned on killing her mother due to the older woman’s bad moods, according to reports. She also planned on killing her younger brother so that he would not have to live without a mother.
Police turned the case over to prosecutors on Monday. 
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