A Chinese woman was told her son was dead. She’s now being sued by his ‘adoptive parents’

A Chinese woman was told her son was dead. She’s now being sued by his ‘adoptive parents’
Bryan Ke
November 15, 2022
A Chinese woman who has found her stolen long-lost son is now being sued by his “adoptive” parents.
Around 17 years ago, Zhang Caihong, a mother from China’s Jiangsu province, went to her cousin’s house while still pregnant with her son. At the time, she was reportedly afraid of being hurt by her ex-husband and his family.
After giving birth, Zhang was reportedly informed by her cousin’s sister-in-law that her newborn son was paralyzed in both legs. The relative eventually convinced Zhang that her baby had frozen to death.
But almost two decades after the traumatizing incident, Zhang reportedly learned by accident that her son never died. She started looking for her child, now a secondary school student, and was ultimately successful.
Zhang ordered a DNA test for the boy, and the results confirmed that he was her long-lost son. She then found out that her cousin’s wife’s sister became her son’s “adoptive” mother.
Although Zhang and her son have decided that they want to reunite, live together and start over as a family, the boy’s “adoptive” mother and her husband have reportedly filed a lawsuit against Zhang.
According to reports, the “adoptive” parents want Zhang to pay them back for raising her son. However, Zhang is not willing to give in to their demands, arguing that they took her son from her without her consent.
It is unclear whether the boy’s “adoptive” parents will be punished for the illegal adoption.
In 2018, another woman in China was reunited with her son 26 years after the nanny she hired for him abducted him to raise as her own.
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