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Japanese Startup’s New Video Showing AI Models is Terrifying and Impressive at the Same Time

A new video showcasing dozens of “fashion models” continuously morphing into people of another sex and color with new sets of clothes is the latest evidence of how far artificial intelligence has come in understanding humans.

Aside from physical appearances, this particular AI came up with its own poses and stances, presenting the models as if they’ve come from a live fashion catalog straight from the future.

15 Things ABGs Know All Too Well

We all know an ABG, are a full or part-time ABG, or have ABG tendencies. No, not medical terminology, ABGs are Asian baby girls or Asian baby gangsters.

Back when AIM was still our preferred mode of communication, their screen names were something along the lines of “xAznbbygirlx”. Give or take a few Xs, the Z and S were interchangeable.

Hmong Model Accuses Modeling Agency of Dropping Him Because He’s Gay and Asian

Chufue Yang, a Chicago-based model and a member of the LGBTQ+ community, is speaking out against discrimination in the industry after being dropped by his former agency Ford Models.

Yang explains in a lengthy Instagram post how the agency deliberately changed his height on his modeling comp card and stated that he was from “Minnesota via Mongolia” when he is actually a first-generation Hmong-American.

Modeling Agencies Are Hiring Chinese Uyghur Models For Their Eurasian Looks

While international brands have long been using Caucasian models to market their fashion goods to China, local labels seemed to have found a “middle ground” in hiring Uyghur models to promote their products.

Mandarin-speaking members of the majorly Muslim ethnic minority group from China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region is now filling up the local industry’s demand for models who possess a “half-Asian, half-European” look.

Time-Traveling Photos Reveal How Japanese Women’s Makeup Has Evolved Through the Decades

A cosmetics manufacturer in Japan has provided an interesting look back into a century’s worth of makeup trends in the country.

Shiseido, which was founded way back in 1872, has kept tabs on the evolving movement of the makeup scene through the decades, according to SoraNews24. Being in the industry for almost a century and a half, the firm has remained contemporary by keeping up with such changes.

Chinese Models Break The Internet With Their Astonishing Speed

You won’t see any model game stronger than this.

Brought to us by PetaPixel, videos of TaoBao (China’s Amazon) models are surfacing, showing the absolute magic that goes on behind the scenes of women’s online fashion retail. The camera is set to burst mode, and the women quickly free-style a series of poses. Over the course of 15 seconds, the models can complete 30 or more poses, or about 2 poses per second.