Chinese Ski Resort Continues Tradition of Exploiting Women in Bikinis For Profit

The shameless trend of having women wear bikinis while they freeze in the snow is now officially becoming a marketing tradition for ski resort operators in China.
Following last winter’s exploitative display of women in skimpy swimsuits in the open cold, another ski resort in Changchun, Jilin Province has been promoting their business in a similar manner way ahead of the skiing season.
The Lianhua Mountain Ski Resort reportedly hired sexy bikini girls to pose on the mountain to promote the venue, NetEase reported (via Shanghaiist). The girls are seen holding beverage cans as the shiver in the cold. Hopefully the drink will at least keep them warm.
Similar stunts have been done in recent years with ski resorts hiring women to pose, ski while in bikinis, and even have them participate in beauty pageants wearing only their bikinis. 
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One thing different about this resort’s strategy is that they also seem to have the men join in the “fun” by letting them ski with their shirts off.
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