15 Things ABGs Know All Too Well

15 Things ABGs Know All Too Well15 Things ABGs Know All Too Well
We all know an ABG, are a full or part-time ABG, or have ABG tendencies. No, not medical terminology, ABGs are Asian baby girls or Asian baby gangsters.
Back when AIM was still our preferred mode of communication, their screen names were something along the lines of “xAznbbygirlx”. Give or take a few Xs, the Z and S were interchangeable.

Although AIM is long gone, Asian baby girls are thriving. It’s a mood, aesthetic, and lifestyle. Whether you’re an ABG or know an ABG, here are some things that are all too familiar.

1. Bleaching Your Hair and Worrying About Split Ends and Roots
Image via Instagram / nikita_dragun
We like to stand out from the crowd. This usually results in a lot of hair maintenance and sighing about our split ends later. Okay, the roots can get annoying but this beautiful hair is worth it.
2. Arranging Photoshoots with a Photographer
Photo: @dfvbio Model: @nerdsarekoo
Meeting up with a photographer for portrait shoots. Definitely down to climb over a fence or sneak past some signage for the perfect shot.
3. Craving Boba All the Time
Image via Instagram / foodwithsoy
You mean what gives us strength? We’ve got to try that new boba place that serves milk tea in mason jars and light bulbs!!
4. Taking Off Your Falsies Everywhere
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“Hey whats up?”
“Uhm I think you left you eyelashes on my sink?”
5. Winged Eyeliner Sharp Enough to Cut Someone 
Image via YouTube / Duyen
You never know when you need to cut a bih… with your slay-worthy makeup. Some struggle with cat eye and or winged liner, but ABGs aren’t those people.
6. Tattoos!
These tattoos usually, but not always, consist of cherry blossoms, women in their traditional clothing, dragons, lucky cats, lions, as well as Japanese style waves and mountains.
Also, these tattoos must be kept hidden from our parents!! 🙅🏻
7. Having a Buff Bae with a Luxury Car
Image via YouTube / LeendaDProductions
They say that some people have a type. ABGs are usually found with ripped partners who own luxury and/or modded out cars. Typically, there’s a BlenderBottle® in the cup holder.
8. We Can Drink Hennything (No really, only Henny)
Top choice of bottle for club table service: Hennessy. Travis Porter’s “Ayy Ladies” is the official ABG anthem.
9. Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat 
Image via Instagram / itssangtime
“What is your next event?” is what you ask when you run into a friend.
Gotta round up all the girls in matching outfits and top it off with custom jerseys. Lingerie or crop tops with a flannel at night is the outfit of choice.
10. Small White Dogs
Image via YouTube / LeendaDProductions
Precious little fur babies! 🐶❤️
11. Modeling with a Car
Image via Instagram / sandeeecheeks
Who doesn’t want to be an import model?
12. Greek Life
When in college, you were part of a sorority or Asian student association. Strength in numbers. ❤️
13. Gorgeous at the Gym 
Image via YouTube / Chow Mane
It’s leg day more than it’s not. Gotta keep that booty perky! Not only do ABGs stay in shape, but they look fabulous while doing so.
14. Wearing Fashion Nova, Adidas, and Supreme
Image via Instagram / jasmin.elago
Thought to have been popularized by Kylie, ABGs enjoy streetwear-inspired sets from Fashion Nova. Adidas Originals is also a fan favorite, as well as the occasional Supreme drop. Or if you’re really “high class”, you’ll probably rock some Guccis, Chanels, Louboutins etc.
15. Beauty and Brains 
Despite the copious amounts of henny, raving, and clubbing, you or the ABG you know is working hard in their career or degree. You have a side hustle too. Like Kyla Fajardo, who is a cheerleader and nursing student AND dance instructor. ABGs are true #GirlBosses.
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Feature Image via Facebook and YouTube / UChicago aKDPhi (left) and LeendaDProductions (right)
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