Instant Noodle Company Shamlessly Uses Sweaty Models For Spicy Ramen Ads

Instant Noodle Company Shamlessly Uses Sweaty Models For Spicy Ramen Ads
Ryan General
September 29, 2016
A brand of instant noodles in Japan has, almost shamelessly, brought in sexy models, dancers, and anime voice actresses to convey how hot and spicy their noodles are, in what could be described as the most steamy instant ramen ad series ever.
According to RocketNews24, the sexual undertones in the ad campaign are nothing new for Pokka Sapporo, which used a similar theme a couple of months ago. Its first batch of models and voice actresses were filmed as they finish their cups of the super-spicy instant ramen.
In the new videos, the young women are faced with the challenge of slurping the spicy soup of Pokka Sapporo’s Kara-O noodles. Each clip involves some intense sweating, panting and suggestive camera angles.
In the ad featuring model Sayaka Tomaru, she was shown as though she was auditioning to be an actress. Her acting challenges tested the different ways she can drink the spicy soup of Kara-O noodles. First, she played a scene where she was to drink the broth as if it was a cup of water found in the middle of a hot desert. Then she was asked to drink the soup like it’s a drink of milk after a long bath:
For popular idol Erina Kamiya’s ad, she was tasked to solve math questions while playing fake table tennis. Failure to do so meant eating Kara-O with double its usual amount of spice. While the air ping-pong and calculations looked like a tiring activity, it was of course the extra spicy broth of Kara-O that got her dripping with sweat:
Cyber Japan dance troupe members Karen and Kazue joined forces to try the Kara-O while doing what they do best:
Former Race Queen of the Year awardee Hayase Aya took her challenge with finesse and sexiness:
Lastly, Anime voice actress Chiaki Takahashi also showed off her Kara-O eating prowess:
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