Miss Universe Contestants Showcase Jaw-Dropping National Costumes on Instagram

Miss Universe Contestants Showcase Jaw-Dropping National Costumes on InstagramMiss Universe Contestants Showcase Jaw-Dropping National Costumes on Instagram
Ryan General
January 16, 2017
With just two weeks before the 65th Miss Universe pageant, this year’s lovely candidates have begun showing off their national costumes on Instagram.
Wearing their costumes imbibed with cultural pride, the candidates look more than ready to compete for the title of Best National Costume, one of the special awards given in the pageant.
Miss Malaysia, Kiran Jassal, showcases her outfit inspired by the Petronas Towers, the popular landmark and tourist destination in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Miss Indonesia, Kezia Warouw, wears a sparkling gold suit inspired by the mythical holy bird Garuda from the Hindu and Buddhist belief. The bird is also a national symbol of the country.
Miss Australia, Caris Tiivel, is seen wearing a costume with the iconic Great Barrier Reef as a motif. The inspiration to use the world’s largest coral reef off the coast of Queensland is to help raise awareness on coral bleaching.
Miss Venezuela Mariam Habach wears a costume depicting the ocean goddess Yemaya, a deity believed to be the mother of all living creatures.
Miss Norway Christina Waage seems to also be representing a goddess, wearing a flowing gown that mimics the waves of the ocean.
Miss Universe Panama’s Keity Drennan’s brightly colored costume representing the vibrant Flower and Coffee Fair of her home country.
Miss Thailand Chalita Suansane wears her country’s original traditional costume, a magnificent gown rich in cultural heritage.
For the rest of the national costumes, each candidate will be parading their outfits at the opening of the pageant when they are individually introduced.
The Miss Universe main pageant and coronation night will be held in the Philippines at 8:00 a.m. Philippine Standard Time (UTC+08:00) and will air LIVE January 29th on Fox.
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