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‘Beware of the Chicken Feather Duster’: SF Grandmas Fight Anti-Asian Hate in New Rap

San Francisco Chinatown

A group of grandmothers in San Francisco Chinatown is bringing awareness to anti-Asian violence through the power of song and dance in a new Cantonese performance called Gai Mou Sou Rap.

Lyrical advocates: The rap translates to “Beware of the Chicken Feather Duster,” in reference to the common household item familiar to the grandmas in the group known as the Grant Avenue Follies

Chinese ‘Glammas’ Are Now Using TikTok to Flex Their Fashion


These vogue grandmas, or “glam-mas” as their fans affectionately call them, are too busy putting together incredibly age-defying outfits at over 60 years of age and showing off their fashion know-how on the streets to bake cookies for you.

The stylish grandmas, as they call themselves in Mandarin, have retired but connected over restarting their modeling careers from the ground up with a training course over 20 years ago, reported Reuters.

83-Year-Old Japanese Grandma Becomes Porn Star to Shoot With Younger Men

grandma porn

An 83-year-old grandmother from Japan says she got into the porn industry after her husband passed away and only wants to shoot scenes with younger actors.

Ogasawara Yuko, who grew up with a strict education, initially thought her life would be as simple as her mother’s, who lived as a housewife as her husband worked in an office, according to China Press as translated by World of Buzz.

80-Year-Old Grandma Finally Gets Her Degree at San Diego State University After 10 Years


After 10 years of hard work and determination, an 80-year-old grandmother was finally awarded her college degree in social science on Friday.

Yasuko Fujii, a Japanese immigrant who came to the United States in the mid-1960s, waited nearly 60 years to get her college degree. According to CBS8, Fuji had to to put her education on hold in order to raise her family.

Chinese Boy Violently Pulls Grandma’s Hair for Not Buying Him a Toy, Police Get Called

It took four police officers to convince a little boy in China to let go of his grandmother’s hair which he started pulling after he was told that she could not buy him a new toy.

In the viral clip captured by one of the bystanders on a street in Qingyuan, Guangdong Province, the boy can be seen tightening his grip while the woman struggles to get up.