80-Year-Old Chinese Grandmother Stuns the Internet With Stylish Photoshoot

80-Year-Old Chinese Grandmother Stuns the Internet With Stylish Photoshoot80-Year-Old Chinese Grandmother Stuns the Internet With Stylish Photoshoot
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July 11, 2016
An 80-year-old Chinese granny is attracting attention for being a fabulous fashionista after her photoshoot went viral last week.
The elderly granny who is from Chongqing, China, reportedly visited her grand niece who planned a special surprise for her favorite grandaunt.
According to Xinhua, the grand niece, whose surname is Lin, had organized a photoshoot for her beloved grandaunt in Shenyang.  Lin had carefully selected seven different stylish outfits that included dresses, accessories and even high heels for her 80-year-old relative.
Initially, Lin was scared that her grandaunt might not be able to wear nearly four inch heels. However, her grand aunt insisted that she wear them throughout the entire photo shoot for the full wardrobe effect.
Lin even hired a make-up artist for her grandaunt, however, the artist chose to go for a more natural look and so didn’t cover up any of granny’s wrinkles.
Despite her age, Lin says that her grand aunt embodies the spirit of a young person.
She enjoys having her photos taken and was extremely enthusiastic about the photo shoot.
The crew stayed until 9 p.m. to finish the shoot. Though some expected her grandaunt to be exhausted and weary after each photo set, the 80-year-old woman only grew more and more excited.
Enjoying the photoshoot, the elderly fashionista said:
“I’m not tired at all, it’s all a lot of fun.” 
While it isn’t often we get to see stylish seniors, this isn’t the first time a grandparent has charmed the Internet with fashion sensibility.
h/t: Shanghaiist
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