Meet the 81-Year-Old Granny Who Became a Legit Rockstar in Singapore

Meet the 81-Year-Old Granny Who Became a Legit Rockstar in SingaporeMeet the 81-Year-Old Granny Who Became a Legit Rockstar in Singapore
Singapore’s Mary Ho is living proof that it’s never too late to follow your passion.
At the age of 81, the grandmother of seven children can still rock as hard as anyone with her electric guitar.
In fact, Ho will be playing some tunes in front of thousands of people this week for Singapore’s annual National Day Parade, reports the BBC.
Image via YouTube / BBC News
According to the Straits Times, the rocker grandma taught herself to strum a guitar at age 60 to fulfill a childhood dream. However, Ho wanted to learn more than just the basic stuff as she dreamed of making and releasing a music album of her own.
For Ho, being able to completely play the guitar would mean a chance to share her love of music with other people. For such an endeavor, she needed someone to guide her as learning to play an instrument is by no means an easy task.
Her initial attempts to find a suitable teacher, however, were not successful as every instructor she approached turned her down, most of them citing her age and her not-so-nimble fingers as not too ideal for learning guitar.
Fortunately, Ho did not give up that easily and eventually found an instructor who helped her in pursuing her dream, achieving more than what she originally set out to do.
Not only did she release an album of her own, she also performed at numerous charity concerts. She even became a certified YouTube star, with her video performances garnering over a million views on the site.
Ho said she aims to continue inspiring others, not only with her music but also her passion for life.
“We need to do something that we love,” Ho told the Straits Times back in 2015. “If you love something, you will definitely go and do it. In the end, you will be very happy.”
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