Chinese ‘Glammas’ Are Now Using TikTok to Flex Their Fashion

Chinese ‘Glammas’ Are Now Using TikTok to Flex Their FashionChinese ‘Glammas’ Are Now Using TikTok to Flex Their Fashion
These vogue grandmas, or “glam-mas” as their fans affectionately call them, are too busy putting together incredibly age-defying outfits at over 60 years of age and showing off their fashion know-how on the streets to bake cookies for you.
The stylish grandmas, as they call themselves in Mandarin, have retired but connected over restarting their modeling careers from the ground up with a training course over 20 years ago, reported Reuters.
Glamma Beijing, which consists of Lin Wei, Wang Xinghuo, Sun Yang and Wang Nianwen, have over 1 million followers on the Chinese video-sharing platform Douyin. On TikTok, over 488,000 people follow @fashion_grannies, according to Yahoo Life.
One of their most viral videos with over 3.3 million views shows the women walking the streets in beautiful black qipaos styled with silver chains, belts, black sunglasses and combat boots to tie in the mix of old and new generational styles.
Earlier last month, the women took off their masks for a stroll down Sanlitun, Beijing, the area’s busiest shopping district, showing that their style had not suffered during the quarantine.
In this video, the crew stroll in the sunset with another set of beautiful, figure-hugging qipaos.
Another video visualizes how everyone on the internet must feel — a group of glam-mas passing the stairs on the right in midnight blue dress while you question if you should redo your whole wardrobe.
Their wardrobes aren’t just filled with qipaos. Another viral TikTok video, garnering over 1.8 million views, shows off four different power suits in a seamless transition video.
Lin Wei, 64, described growing old as inevitable, but her love for dressing up and make-up seems to surpass those bounds.
“You are old, you have wrinkles, you don’t have too much energy, or your figure becomes baggy,” she said, according to The Star. “But this is something you can’t go against, so you need to face it with positivity.”
Views of elderly Chinese women, known as “da ma,” are rapidly changing, according to the South China Morning Post. The women put together outfits to show how elegance doesn’t end at a certain age.
Many social media users have enthusiastically shown their support for their favorite grandmas.
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Even South Korean rapper CL, whose song was remixed for the sound behind the viral videos, expressed her support.
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Oprah Magazine fangirled over the grandmas, asking what most people thinking: When can the grannies drop their beauty secrets?
Some videos have also shown other fashionable grannies walking alongside the core four women, such as this group donning red dresses complete with black capes.
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