Little Girl Takes Care of Both Her Grandmothers After Her Parents Abandoned Her

Little Girl Takes Care of Both Her Grandmothers After Her Parents Abandoned Her
Khier Casino
March 9, 2017
Wang Anna from Zunyi city in southwest China was only three months old when her father was sent to prison and left her mother to stay with the in-laws.
Anna’s mother remarried shortly after she was born, leaving the little one with her terminally ill grandmother and 92-year-old great-grandmother.
Anna, now 5, has become the sole caregiver of the family, cooking, cleaning and taking care of the two elderly women, according to the MailOnline.
The 5-year-old starts her day early to prepare meals for her grandmas.
On top of tending to her loved ones, Anna also does all of the housework — from dusting the floor to taking out the trash — and picking out fresh vegetables at a neighbor’s farm whenever they are out of food.
Anna’s short stature doesn’t stop her from standing on a stool and stretching to reach over the stove to cook the vegetables.
Her grandmother has long-term septic arthritis, also known as infectious arthritis, that causes pain from moving about too much.
Both Anna’s grandmother and great-grandmother are almost bedridden and have limited mobility, but she tries her best to bring them to the bathroom or take a stroll near the house.
Anna told local media that all she wants to do is take care of her grandmother and great-grandmother everyday, and she wishes them “good health.
Young people all over the world should take note — this is how to respect your elders.
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