Firefighter Becomes 94-Year-Old Woman’s ‘Grandson’ After Becoming Friends

Firefighter Becomes 94-Year-Old Woman’s ‘Grandson’ After Becoming FriendsFirefighter Becomes 94-Year-Old Woman’s ‘Grandson’ After Becoming Friends
Carl Samson
January 23, 2020
A unique bond that blossomed between two strangers in northeastern China has become the envy of the nation after their story went viral on social media.
The parties involve a 94-year-old woman and a fire station official from Liaoning province, who now treat each other as “grandmother” and “grandson,” respectively.
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It all started three years ago when Wang Zhenlin, who works at a fire station in the district of Zhongshan, came across an elderly woman struggling with a piece of cold bun on the street.
Seeing her in distress, Wang vowed to be of help from that day forward.
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Over the next three years, Wang would deliver breakfast, lunch and dinner to the old woman, whom he has come to know as Granny Shao.
Aside from food, he also brings her other necessities such as medicine when she’s sick and clothes to keep her warm in the winter.
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Additionally, Wang helps fix problems in Granny Shao’s house, where she lives all by herself.
He also bought her a phone, which she can use to contact him.
Granny Shao
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Wang’s constant presence has eventually “confused” Granny Shao into thinking that he was actually her grandson.
“As long as grandma is happy, I want to take care of her and continue to impersonate her grandson,” Wang told the Observer Network.
Granny Shao
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Rain or shine, Wang never missed out on helping Granny Shao. When he’s busy, he lets other firefighters cook and deliver food to his “grandma.”
“Thank you for taking care of me, no matter what, and making sure I’m safe. Please have a good rest,” Granny Shao told Wang using the phone he had given her, according to the South China Morning Post.
The pair’s story has touched hearts on social media, with many now interested in Wang’s romantic life.
Weibo users commented:
“I fancy him.”
“Damn, I like this guy so much.”
“Whoever gets to marry him will be so lucky.”
“I’m taking the liberty to ask whether this firefighter is single.”
“Fighting fire, saving people, sending warmth… How are you so perfect, how can we not love you!”
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