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Organ-dwelling parasite is a Japanese aquarium star because it looks just like sushi

sushi isopod in aquarium

An inch-long sea creature that looks like a piece of salmon sushi has become the star of a Japanese Aquarium. 

All about the sushi-shaped creature: The Aquamarine Fukushima, located on the east coast of Japan, identified the sushi-shaped creature as an isopod — an order of marine invertebrates (animals without backbones) that belong to the greater crustacean group of animals.

Racism concerns push US agencies to rename the invasive ‘Asian carp’

Government agencies and wildlife organizations in the U.S. are moving to rename the group of invasive species collectively known as “Asian carp,” reportedly due to racism concerns.

What’s in the name: In the ’70s, four carp species — bighead, silver, grass and black carp — were imported from China to Mississippi to help clear sewage and aquaculture ponds of algae, weeds and parasites, reported AP News.

Malaysians Are Allegedly Dipping Raw Salmon Into Black Coffee for Breakfast


A seafood retailer in Malaysia has captured the imagination of social media users after a Facebook page shared a supposed new way of eating salmon which involved dunking the fish into black coffee.

In an image posted on the Facebook page “Kia Eat Play,” someone is shown apparently dipping the salmon meat into a cup of kopi O, a type of traditional Singapore black coffee. The popular drink, which has Hainanese roots, is highly caffeinated and served with sugar instead of milk.

Most of the Salmon Sashimi in China is Actually Rainbow Trout, So They Just Renamed the Fish

The fish farming industry in China recently faced some controversy following an accidental revelation by state media that the “salmon sashimi” consumed in the country was actually rainbow trout.

To avert a crisis, the major rainbow trout producers in the country came up with a quick and easy solution: to officially identify the rainbow trout as a type of salmon, Agence France-Presse reports.