Repair Man in NYC Chinatown DGAF About Fish

Repair Man in NYC Chinatown DGAF About Fish
Carl Samson
By Carl Samson
January 11, 2018
A man caught stepping on fish while wearing his boots at a Chinatown market has gone viral on social media.
Apri Davidson, a regular customer, recorded the scene at Hung Kee Fish and Meat in Canal Street in New York City, and shared it on her Facebook page on Jan. 4.
Her post, including a video with at least three million views, has been shared by thousands of netizens.
“Seriously, seriously, you’re gonna stand there on the food with your boots,” Davidson said in the video.
The man responded with a surprised look and said that employees will wash the fish.
“Oh, you wash it, so it’s OK?” an appalled Davidson questioned.
Facebook users commented:
“This is so disrespectful and gross.”
“I feel like many of them don’t give a f*** about our health, they’re just here for a profit and a lot of them are nasty overall anyway.”
“I don’t do Chinatown.”
A store employee told Pix 11 that the man was called in to fix an emergency electrical problem. He had to step on the fish to access the electrical panel.
Subsequently, the fish he stepped on were allegedly disposed.
A spokesperson from the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets told the outlet:
“Upon receiving a video exposing an apparent food safety violation at Hung Kee Food Market in Chinatown, the Department sent a food safety inspector to examine the facility. A full sanitary inspection was conducted on Monday, January 8, 2018, resulting in critical deficiencies.”
Hung Kee Food Market received a “C” grade for “critical deficiencies” following inspection. The department, which plans to conduct a follow-up check, also ordered to display the results in a visible area.
Watch the shocking scene below:
Photos via Facebook / Apri Davidson
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