64-Year-Old Man Travels 62 Miles a Day to Sell Salted Fish for His Sick Wife

64-Year-Old Man Travels 62 Miles a Day to Sell Salted Fish for His Sick Wife64-Year-Old Man Travels 62 Miles a Day to Sell Salted Fish for His Sick Wife
Carl Samson
August 6, 2019
A 64-year-old man in southern Malaysia is literally going the distance in the name of love.
Md Zin Ahmad, who lives in the state of Johor, reportedly travels a distance of more than 100 kilometers (62.14 miles) every day selling salted fish to support his sick wife.
Md Zin Ahmad. Image via Twitter / @WardinaAina
Ahmad’s story went viral after one netizen shared a photo of him selling his goods at a marathon in Melaka, another state, last week.
“I want to help this uncle, his wife is sick,” wrote Twitter user @WardinaAina. “This man’s way may seem a bit extreme, but he’s good. He screamed at one point, maybe because he was tired and alone.”
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Apparently, Ahmad had already gone viral in the past, even having an interview with local news outlet Berita Harian.
Last year, he told the outlet how he would leave home at 8 a.m. with 100 packs of salted fish to sell around Melaka.
Image via Twitter / @yusmaleef
Ahmad lives with his 74-year-old wife, Fatimah Md Said, who happens to be sick due to old age.
While he has four children to possibly ask help from, Ahmad insists on selling fish as he does not want to be a “burden” to them.
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According to Berita Harian, Ahmad only sells RM0.50 ($0.12) a pack and must spend about RM30 ($7.16) on commuting fares every day.
“I had to go to the Melaka Sentral area to sell salted fish for RM10 ($2.39) for four packs because the response there was more favorable than anywhere else,” he told the outlet.
Image via Twitter / @hihonigahiga
Ahmad has medical issues of his own, being diagnosed with hypertension and diabetes. However, he claims to be taking medications to maintain his health.
Fortunately, he also earns better on some days. “Sometimes, I make more when a well-known customer here [Melaka Sentral] looks for me to order salted fish for Thanksgiving Day and wedding receptions.”
Featured Images via Twitter / @hihonigahiga (Left) and @WardinaAina (Right)
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