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Chinese model Ming Xi shows off her 1-year-old daughter’s designer bag collection worth over $14,000

Model branded bags for daughter
  • Chinese model Ming Xi was criticized online for flexing her 1-year-old daughter’s branded bag collection worth 110,000 Hong Kong dollars (approximately $14,012) in a video uploaded to Xiaohongshu on July 10.
  • Some of the designer bags include a miniature Louis Vuitton Nano Speedy bag that costs 14,100 Hong Kong dollars (approximately $1,796), a Chanel handle bag with chain for 18,000 Hong Kong dollars (approximately $2,290), a Chanel bucket bag with chain priced at 31,800 Hong Kong dollars (approximately $4,050), a Dior Micro Lady bag at 29,000 Hong Kong dollars (approximately $3,690) and a Dior Micro Saddle bag for 21,600 Hong Kong dollars (approximately $2,750).
  • “It's a really, really small bag and is super cute! I feel my daughter can use it in the future,” Ming said about the Louis Vuitton bag. “It's very trendy to go retro nowadays, so I can buy a bigger Louis Vuitton Speedy and carry it together with her — I think that would be so cute!"
  • Explaining her reasoning for why she bought the accessories now instead of in the future, Ming said, “I'm afraid that once the trend passes then they won't produce it anymore, so I thought, 'I'd better quickly buy them!'”

Chinese model Ming Xi showcased her 1-year-old daughter’s collection of branded bags, including Chanel, Dior and Louis Vuitton, in a video posted last month.

The video, uploaded to Xiaohongshu on July 10, shows Ming, 33, displaying the tiny bags one by one in front of the camera.

Chinese mother goes on TV to beg vlogger daughter with 6 cats to ‘find a job and a man’

  • A 70-year-old mother in China went on TV to beg her 38-year-old daughter who lives with six stray cats to “find a job and a man.”
  • The daughter, who graduated from a top university and worked in Beijing and Shanghai, quit her job six years ago and became a pet vlogger.
  • The mother expressed that she is “extremely worried” for her daughter’s future.
  • She said she tried to convince her daughter to find a boyfriend and a job, but that her daughter refused, believing she can earn enough to support herself.

An “extremely worried” mother in China turned to a local TV station to help her 38-year-old daughter, who is single, unemployed and living with six stray cats.

The 70-year-old woman, surnamed Zhang, appeared on Chongqing TV and explained that her daughter had graduated from a top university and was previously employed in Beijing and Shanghai. Several years ago, the daughter quit her job and moved back home to Chongqing of southwestern China, reported Chongqing TV

Taiwanese woman discovers her son’s kindergarten classmate is daughter of her husband and his mistress

  • A Taiwanese woman who reportedly noticed that her son’s classmate resembled her husband discovered that the little girl’s mother was her husband’s mistress.
  • The woman purportedly knew about the affair, having discovered it five years ago while pregnant. Both the mistress and husband promised to cut ties from each other.
  • The woman said her husband denied the claim and pushed her to the ground.
  • In an update post, the woman stated that she is six months pregnant and has moved in with her parents until the birth of her second child.

After reportedly encountering a little girl at her son’s preschool who bore a resemblance to her husband, a Taiwanese woman discovered her to be the daughter of her husband and his former mistress. 

Following the discovery, the woman shared her story titled “My husband’s mistress’ daughter attends the same kindergarten as my son” to an online forum called Breaking News Commune APP- Anonymous Commune, reported China Press

Chinese woman learns street cleaner who she stopped for directions is her daughter lost 24 years ago

  • Cai Youxiu, 78, found her long-lost daughter by accident after approaching a street cleaner to ask for directions earlier this month in the Chinese city of Langzhong in Sichuan Province.
  • "I was cleaning in front of a school entrance when an old lady came to ask me for directions, and I immediately recognized her to be my mother," Hu Jun, 46, told The Cover. "I was so excited, but she didn't recognize me even after I called her 'Mom.'"
  • Cai had been searching for her daughter, and the local authorities had reportedly planned to reunite the two if not for their accidental meetup the day before their scheduled reunion.
  • Hu said she lost contact with her mother after she left her hometown, Yunyang County, in 1999 to find work in another province.
  • Cai’s unexpected reunion with Hu became a trending topic on Chinese social media, with the hashtag “old person asks for directions and meets daughter missing for 24 years" generating over 34 million views on Weibo.

An elderly woman in China found her long-lost daughter after approaching a street cleaner to ask for directions.

Hu Jun, 46, was working in Langzhong, Sichuan Province, earlier this month when a woman approached her to ask for directions.

Singaporean woman, 82, fears for her future after moving overseas to be with daughter who stopped caring for her

An elderly woman claims that her daughter refused to take care of her after she and her husband sold their Singapore home and moved to Australia to live with her.

The 82-year-old woman, Zhang Xiujin, said that her daughter, 56, originally asked her parents to move in with her in Australia after learning that her father, Zhang’s husband, was diagnosed with colorectal cancer, according to Shin Min Daily News. Zhang and her husband then sold their four-bedroom home in Marine Crescent, Singapore, and immigrated to Australia in 2018 with their savings. 

Chinese Father Makes Sick Daughter Attend School Open Day While She’s Attached to an IV Drip

Education is important to many parents — so much so that some would even go the extra mile to inspire their kids to aim for prestigious schools, like this father from northern China who took his daughter to an open school day despite her being attached to an IV drip.

The father and his 10-year-old daughter, whose names were not revealed, were spotted attending the annual event at the prestigious Hengshui Middle School in Hebei province on Saturday, according to Pear Video.

Thai Durian Millionaire Finds Suitor For His Daughter, But Says He’s ‘Too Handsome’ For Her

Viral Thai durian tycoon Arnon Rodthong has reportedly rejected a potential suitor for his daughter, saying that he looks “too handsome.”

Arnon caused massive uproar on Thai social media when he made a post saying that he would give 10 million baht ($315,000) to the lucky man who ends up marrying his youngest daughter, 26-year-old Karnsita.